AuctionsPlus Awards

Through the AuctionsPlus Awards, we celebrate our community of assessors, agents, vendors, buyers and other valued industry members who play an integral role in driving the nation's largest agricultural marketplace forward.

Ahead of financial year 2024, the Awards series has been updated and will now include an expanded range of award categories.

Read on to see the awards that now form part of this annual series,  to be presented at the end of each financial year.

Throughput Awards

Every year, we celebrate the assessors and their teams with the highest throughput through AuctionsPlus.  In 2024 there will be state finalists, and then national winners, announced for each of the following awards:

  • Top throughput assessor - cattle

  • Top throughput assessor - sheep

  • Top throughput agency - cattle 

  • Top throughput agency - sheep 

  • Top throughput agency - combined  

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The Howard Gardner Award

The Howard Gardner Award is presented by AuctionsPlus to an Assessor who demonstrates the values of innovation, loyalty, humility and community in their efforts to guide the next generation of assessors forward. This award honors the contribution of Howard Gardner in paving the way forward for livestock marketing, as the Original Chief Executive Officer of the company.

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The Gary Dick Awards

The Gary Dick Awards are presented to the assessors who achieve the highest clearance rate (i.e. the highest percentage of successful sales versus lots listed) on AuctionsPlus during the past financial year. There will be two Gary Dick Awards presented each year - one for sheep, and one for cattle. 
2024 marks the inaugural year of the Gary Dick Awards, which are presented in honor of former AuctionsPlus CEO, Gary Dick. With a true passion for the agency game, Gary served as CEO of AuctionsPlus from 1987 to 2014, where he played a key role in transforming the business into the national agricultural marketplace it is known as today. A founding member of the Australian Property and Livestock Agents' Association (ALPA), Gary was instrumental in establishing the Agents' Association and his longstanding commitment to serving the interests of stock and station agents has been widely acknowledged across the industry.

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The AuctionsPlus Young Gun Award

This award will presented to a young assessor who is already taking great strides in their agency career and getting involved with all the opportunities, challenges and communities the industry has to offer. This award seeks to commend the recipient on their commitment to agency and AuctionsPlus-accredited assessors under the age of 30 are eligible for the prize.

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The AuctionsPlus Industry Woman of the Year Award

The AuctionsPlus Woman in Ag Award will be presented to a woman who has showed exceptional ability, skill, passion and commitment within their role in the livestock industry – be it as a producer, an assessor or in another role. 
The successful recipient will be a pioneering force within the livestock industry, paving the way for other women to enter the space and succeed just as they have.

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The AuctionsPlus Innovation in Marketing Award

Shines a spotlight on the exceptional accomplishments of individuals and teams who have not only transformed agricultural marketing, but have also embraced the industry's evolving sophistication and environmental accountability. This prestigious recognition applauds those who have harnessed their visionary thinking to propel growth, seize markets, and ignite lasting transformation in an industry that plays a pivotal role in driving food prosperity, security, and environmental stewardship.

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The AuctionsPlus Top Machinery Sales Award

Presented to the agent or field manager with the highest gross machinery sales on the AuctionsPlus platform for the financial year, this award recognizes the commitment of the winner to obtaining the best outcomes for their clients via AuctionsPlus. With machinery sales an increasingly key element of the AuctionsPlus platform, this addition to our award program complements our Top Assessor and Top Agency awards presented for livestock throughput on the platform to acknowledge the work of selling agents in other areas.

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Past winners 

View our past AuctionsPlus Award recipients here.