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Absolute Angus breeds high performance Angus cattle at both its' West Gippsland and Echuca properties with a laser-like focus on genetics to produce the very best Angus cattle for the studs' clients.

Commercial and stud breeders for over 30 years, Absolute Angus know what works.   Breeding animals who deliver multi-trait superiority, perform consistently well across a range of environments and climates, and meet the stud's core breeding ethos - 'quality genetics breed quality bulls' means beef producers can buy with confidence.

Absolute Angus believe great cattle start from the ground up and have always been critical in selecting and using the best genetics the industry offers in their breeding programs each year.

Investing in specially selected pedigree sires and females with the genetic depth and right performance data pays dividends in the Absolute Angus stud herd; and the bulls offered for sale at the two annual on-property auctions in autumn and spring.

Absolute Angus breed for - Maternal Excellence | Structure | Growth | Carcase | Calving Ease | Fats | IMF | EMA.

Why Absolute Angus?

Breed-leading genetics with a powerful combination of work ethic and pedigree.

Absolute Angus continue to invest in the best bulls the industry has to offer to support the stud's unique approach to breeding with particular emphasis on phenotype and data. This includes stud sire, Landfall New Ground N90 owned in partnership with ABS Australia.

By combining the best of old and new genetics on offer, Absolute Angus bulls have all the core elements of top genetic performance, durability, longevity, good phenotype, strong structure and adaptability.

Absolute Angus bulls will complement any herd.

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Wednesday 27th March & Thursday 4th April





On-Property Trafalgar South Sale Complex & AuctionsPlus | 1PM





Echuca & District Livestock Exchange & AuctionsPlus | 1PM

Bulls bred for - Structure | Growth | Carcase | Calving Ease | Fats | IMF | EMA

Both Sale Day Inspections from 11am.  Private Inspections are welcome by appointment.

Absolute Angus sires a 'no brainer' purchase for commercial producers

An insight into the breeding philosophy at Absolute Angus, and how these choices result in longevity of the cattle, superior calving ease, growth and finishing ability to maximise pasture and turn-off times for success in various markets.

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Upcoming Auctions

Browse all the upcoming Absolute Angus sales on AuctionsPlus.

Selling on AuctionsPlus

At the April Autumn 2022 Bull Sale, Absolute Angus set the bar high for an upcoming stud achieving a top price of $22,000 at the live auction with the sale interfaced on AuctionsPlus. 

In October 2022, Absolute Angus held their 2022 Spring Bull Sale at the Trafalgar South Sale Complex and again interfaced on AuctionsPlus to reach new buyers, picking up a total of 70 online bids and 2,303 catalogue views.

In late March 2023, the Autumn Spring Bull achieved a very respectable average of $8,871 with the Lot 1 and Lot 3 bulls selling for a top price of $16,000 twice. The sale was interfaced on AuctionsPlus.

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110+ Online Bids recorded during 2022
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Over 10% Catalogue sold to Online buyers over three states with 4,000 + Views 2022
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7 lots sold Online buyers in with 1,500+ Views Autumn 2023
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“Anthony has always chased good genetics, which is what I like as well. High muscle area and intramuscular fat are always high on my agenda, as is milk which is more of a Gippsland thing, and Absolute Angus ticks the boxes there. He does all the genetic traits well – birthweight, gestational length, growth at 200, 400 and 600 days. The thing I like about Anthony’s bulls is that what you see is what you get. They’re grass-fed and not pampered and puffed up to look great, which suits our enterprise."

John Bergamin, Bergamin Pastoral
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