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AuctionsPlus Wool gives your potential buyers the ability to purchase your product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take immediate advantage of wool industry price spikes, control your reserve price and change your selling instructions.

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Why AuctionsPlus Wool?

The AuctionsPlus Wooltrade platform currently has 47 Wool Broking and 48 Wool Buying companies from across Australia actively operating on the online system. Since 2013, over 179,000 bales have been sold.

  • AWEX accredited wool buyers can log in to the system 24/7. Buyers have the option to inspect samples and once approved the sale can be processed

  • If your wool has been passed-in at auction, it can be listed immediately.

Speak to your broker about taking advantage of AuctionsPlus Wooltrade.


AuctionsPlus Wooltrade FAQ's

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How do I sign up for AuctionsPlus Wool?
To sign up for AuctionsPlus wool, follow the link below and fill in your details.
How does AuctionsPlus Wool work?
The process for growers is the same as if they were to sell at physical auctions...
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